(02/13/14) Thursday Packets
(03/28/13) April 2013 Calendar
(03/28/13) April 2013 Menu
(03/28/13) Champion Youth Spring Classes
(03/28/13) Domino's Pizza Fundraiser
(03/28/13) Edu-Chess Classes at Bret Harte
(03/28/13) Mad Science at Bret Harte
(03/28/13) Order Your All-School Yearbook!
(04/04/13) Rockin' With Harte Classroom Baskets: Please Donate!
(04/04/13) Summer Camp at Golden State Gymnastics
(04/04/13) Summer Reading Skills Programs
(04/04/13) Walk to Benefit Burbank Families!
(04/11/13) Burbank Jumper
(04/11/13) Family Night Out at Sharky's
(04/11/13) Parents' Night Out at Burbank Taekwondo
(04/11/13) Rockin' With Harte Basket Pre-sale
(04/11/13) Youth League Tennis
(04/17/14) Thursday Packets
(04/18/13) Earth Day at Burbank Recycle Center
(04/18/13) Free Youth Roller Hockey in Burbank
(04/18/13) Rockin' With Harte Baskets
(04/18/13) Stop Motion Animation Classes
(04/23/14) Thursday Packet
(04/25/13) Burbank Taekwondo Half-Day Summer Camp
(04/25/13) Burbank Vikings Cheerleading
(04/25/13) Domino's Pizza Fundraiser
(04/25/13) May 2013 Calendar
(04/25/13) Show Off Your Football Skills!
(05/01/14) Thursday Packet
(05/02/13) Burbank Summer ShowCamp
(05/02/13) Come to the Bret Harte Open House!
(05/02/13) Join Us at the Final PTA Meeting of the Year!
(05/02/13) May Menu
(05/02/13) The Final Weeks of My School Is Cool!
(05/08/14) Thursday Packet
(05/09/13) Burbank Fire Service Day
(05/09/13) Come to the Spring Dance Festival!
(05/09/13) Last Family Night Out of the Year at Ben & Jerry's
(05/09/13) Rockin' at the Hop This Friday!
(05/09/13) Send a "Farewell Gram" to a 5th Grader!
(05/09/13) Summer Basketball Camp at Burroughs High School
(05/09/13) Village Christian Boys' Basketball Camp Info
(05/15/14) Thursday Packets
(05/16/13) Be Part of the Cast of "Oliver!"
(05/16/13) Burbank First Academy Musical Theater Camp
(05/16/13) Burbank Public Library Summer Reading Club
(05/16/13) Championship Youth Classes
(05/16/13) Family Fun at the Autry Museum!
(05/16/13) Last Day of School Schedule
(05/16/13) Summer Classes at Jefferson Elementary
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